The Dublin Diet

Since moving to Ireland, I noticed that I’ve continued to lose weight. Our packages from home finally arrived this week, and this included our bathroom scale (or “scales” as people here call them). I was surprised to notice that my had gone from about 232-231 pounds in late-June to 224. I recall weighing myself just before I left and I had then been about 228 or so, but it seems that due to all the walking and eating better food, the weight continues to fall off. I really hope I can get below 220, which seems pretty feasible at this rate, and would put me below the “obese” classification of the BMI Index, not to mention extend my life by a few years.

I bought a pair of jeans yesterday at the local Marks and Spencer* department store on Grafton Street. I used to wear size 36, but this pair of jeans was size 34. A bit tight, but my wife liked the look, and I was just happy that I could wear size 34 again.

It just goes to show that walking a lot and eating well makes a huge difference.


* – MandS also has an excellent selection of organic and indian-style foods in the basement. My wife has stopped shopping at another store and now frequents MandS instead. :)

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  1. Jeannie says:

    Glad to hear the weight loss isn’t due to stress! Keep up the good work.

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