KPop Saturdays: Wonder Girls “Like Money”

Another video in our recurring Saturday Kpop series is Wonder Girls‘ new video “Like Money” featuring Senegalese-American rapper Akon:

The first thing I love about this video is the special effects. The girls are depicted as androids, completed with wires, robotic skeletons, etc. Very clever. If you are a sci-fi fan and a KPop fan, this is a great video.

Second, the video is entirely in English! English lyrics in Japanese/Korean music is nothing new, but a whole song in English, let alone really good English? That’s something new. :) Wonder Girls gave an interview to Eat Your Kimchi a few months back, and it’s obvious they speak English extremely good. They have been practicing. :-)

Lastly, I thought it was a good collaboration between Wonder Girls and Akon. They sang great together.

Anyhow, enjoy!


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