KPop Saturday’s: Teen Top’s “To You”

This is a song by Teen Top that came out about two months ago and flew under the radar a bit, but I always thought this song was pretty catchy:

Teen Top is a somewhat younger group, but I like their energy and their dancing, and I think “To You” shows this off nicely. It is a song/video that fits well into mainstream KPop but I think Teen Top just put that extra bit that makes this song stand out nicely. Once they hit their mid-20s, I wonder if they’ll change their name to “Adult Top” or “Middle Age Top” or something. :)

Watching this video is kind of oddly nostalgic for me. I remember fighting over a girl once in college when I was about 19, and making a terrible fool of myself (she was definitely not worth it either). Think of this video1 was a warning to all you young men out there. ;)

1 Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” is probably an even bigger warning.

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