KPop Saturdays: Big Bang’s “Monster”

Usually I try to avoid posting KPop songs that are reviewed by Eat Your Kimchi, because they do a much better job at it anyway.1 But, I just really like this song. I was reminded of it, because one of my friends wanted me to buy it in Japan at Shin-Okubo in Tokyo.

At first, I didn’t really like the video all that much, but as the little subtitles and special effects started to sink, I really liked it more and more. The chorus of course is totally awesome. Also, I thought the small action scenes (1:42 and 3:38) were pretty cool. The only song/video in 2012 in my opinion that can top the special effects here is WonderGirls’ “Like Money“.

The costumes are interesting too. GD looks like a demon/devil, Daesung as a wolfman (or some kind of beast), Seungri’s cat-like eyes, and T.O.P. as a vampire-like figure to me. Each one kind of reflects their personalities I think. Again, pretty clever.

Big Bang as a group has been out for a little while, and yet they continue to mature and grow, and utilize their talent to their fullest. Small wonder they’re among the strongest and most well-known KPop groups in the industry. :)

P.S. The “making of” video is kind of interesting too.

1 Also, I tend to agree with their reviews anyway, so I don’t have anything useful to add. ;) Even when I disagree, it’s usually nothing noteworthy.

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2 Responses to KPop Saturdays: Big Bang’s “Monster”

  1. Han says:

    I haven’t seen that many extraneous belts since I played Final Fantasy X.

  2. Doug 陀愚 says:

    Ha ha ha, nice one. :-)

    Welcome to the JKLLR.

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