KPop Saturday’s: PSY’s “Gangnam Style” on Today Show!

I took a break from the usual KPop Saturday’s this time to show a clip from the Friday Sept. 14th episode of the Today Show, which featured PSY singing his hit “Gangnam Style”:

Now, I’ve posted about Gangnam Style before.1 However, since that time the song and video have become a huge hit in the US. It is even number one on iTunes in the US now! But I was really surprised to see PSY performing on a major American TV show like the Today Show. Girls’ Generation recently performed on the Dave Letterman Show and Live! With Kelley but I think PSY’s performance excelled even this.

Growing up in the US, we never saw Asian musicians and celebrities much on TV. So, 2012 has been quite a ground-breaking moment for Koreans and for Asian people everywhere, and I am very happy to see times changing. :)

1 I tell all my friends that I liked it before it was cool. Just kidding. ;)

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