Happy Birthday Emperor Akihito

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December 23rd marks the birthday of the reigning Emperor of Japan,1 Emperor Akihito, also known as the Heisei Emperor where “Heisei” (平成) is the name of his Imperial reign.

Of Emperors past and present, I like the Heisei Emperor in particular because of his humanitarian efforts after the Japan Earthquake last year, his marrying a commoner (Empress Michiko), and his overall humble nature.2

Best wishes to him and Michiko-sama,

Happy Birthday Emperor Akihito!

1 December 23rd also marks the “dating anniversary” of my wife and I. We’ve been together since 1998, or 14 years. :)

2 I also like Queen Elizabeth II as well. Belated, but congrats on her 50th Jubilee. :)

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Emperor Akihito

  1. Lon dubh says:

    It was Queen Elizabeth’s 60th jubilee :)

  2. Doh! :-p (awkward….)

    Just kidding. Thanks for the correction. :-)

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