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A Buddhist, father and Japanophile / Koreaphile.

Radio Taiso

One of those time-honored traditions you see in Japanese television is a small TV show on NHK,1 the national TV station, called rajio taisō (ラジオ体操). The word taisō means exercise or calisthenics, and that’s basically what it is. Aired in … Continue reading

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Romance in Ancient Japan

I’ve always been something of a hopeless romantic-type, even as far back as the toddler-age (so says my mother). Like that one Michael Jackson song goes: I’m a lover, not a fighter. So I admit, I have enjoyed reading the … Continue reading

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One Day at a Time: wise words from my wife the bodhisattva, part 3

Every once in a while my wife will give simple but sagely advice on Buddhism. She grew up Buddhist; I converted as an adult. Our approaches are very different as a result. So one night recently I was feeling flustered … Continue reading

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Instant Tsukemono

Having mentioned the subject of Tsukemono before, I wanted to show a quick and easy recipe you can do at home. This probably isn’t Tsukemono proper, but my wife and her friends make it often to accompany other dishes. The … Continue reading

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Solving a Chinese restaurant mystery

This is something that’s frequently piqued my interest, but I had nowhere to turn to solve this little mystery. In Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants here in the US, and certainly elsewhere, you’re likely to see an altar like this one: … Continue reading

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Halloween fun at the JLR

Halloween is fast approaching and we have been having fun here at the JLR preparing for it. Fall has always been my favorite season and Halloween has always been part of the reason why. This year, now that “Baby” is … Continue reading

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Mommy’s Bento Art

Our little one is nearly 4 years old now and growing up so fast. This year we enrolled her in a nice Japanese preschool for a couple days a week, and my wife makes bento lunches for her each of … Continue reading

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