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A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.


This is a photo I took a couple weeks ago on my driveway. We don’t have a lot of snails around my yard, so I was surprised to find this tiny one. It reminds me of a famous haiku by … Continue reading

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The Lost “Iranian” Buddhism: A Brief History of the Silk Road

Hello Everyone, I recently finished two related books this week: the Xuan-zang book I wrote about before and a new book by Richard Foltz about the religions of the Silk Road. The latter book was fairly short, but it was … Continue reading

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Mind as Mirror

While visiting my good friend in Portland, Oregon recently, we had a good theological discussion while my daughter slept in the next room. One of the things I mentioned was the Buddhist notion, not exclusive to Zen, of the mind … Continue reading

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Tulip Festival 2015

Hello, It’s April, and once again the family went to see the famous Tulip Festival in the town of Mount Vernon here in Washington State. We love going to one farm called Tulip Town every year. This year we were … Continue reading

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Scattering Blossoms

Hello, As we are now in the month of uzuki (卯月) in the old Japanese calendar, I was reading through the Kokinshu poetry anthology again, and I wanted to share a couple poems for Spring. This first poem was composed … Continue reading

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How to do Incense Offerings at Japanese Buddhist Temples

Hi Guys, At the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple we go to, there is a ritual called oshōkō (お焼香), where families go up to the temple before service and offer a little incense, as well as a small donation, usually a … Continue reading

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Preparing for Children’s Day

Hi all, As readers know, we celebrate Girls’ Day every year. This is a Japanese holiday on March 3rd celebrating young ladies and wishing them happiness and prosperity. However, there is another holiday for boys called Children’s Day, or kodomo … Continue reading

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