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A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

August 2014 Updates

Hi folks, Now that month of Hazuki (葉月, August) is coming to an end, I wanted to post some updates: My Book – After uploading my book, I discovered that the formatting was messed up. When I tested the format, … Continue reading

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Famous Korean Poetry on a Fan

Recently a Korean friend’s mom gave this fan to our daughter: If you look up close though, you can see a poem: This poem is really intersting to me because it shows both Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and Chinese characters … Continue reading

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My Visit to Utsunomiya, Japan

Hello, Although I’ve posted a few times about seeing Korea, I wanted to post some stuff about Japan too. My wife’s maternal-side of the family lives outside Utsunomiya, Japan, which is a medium-sized city in Tochigi Prefecture, 2 hours north … Continue reading

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My Brief Visit to Incheon Airport

On my return trip back from Japan, I transferred at South Korea’s airport, Incheon, which is just outside Seoul. It’s a large airport and quite nice to visit and was opened just in 2001, so it’s actually pretty new. Incheon … Continue reading

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Blog Update

Hello, Some readers may have noticed, but the comments section has been changing a little. In the last month, I’ve been getting tons and tons of spam comments on the blog. I spend every day cleaning out comments and removing … Continue reading

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Timely Buddhist Quote

Something I found today here in a certain collection of quotations by the Buddha, called the Dhammapada, translation by Venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu: 137-140. Whoever, with a rod, harasses an innocent man, unarmed, quickly falls into any of ten things: harsh … Continue reading

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Revisiting Ordination

While I was visiting Japan, my wife, kids and I visited old friends and neighbors a lot. We do this every year, and we enjoy keeping in touch with people. One family we keep in touch with is a nearby … Continue reading

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