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Celebrating Christmas at Leavenworth

Hello, Recently, my family and I did a day-trip (higaeri in Japanese, 日帰り) to the town of Leavenworth to enjoy Christmas. Leavenworth is in Washington state, but it’s on the other side of the Cascade Mountains, so we have to … Continue reading

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Talking to my Daughter about Ferguson

Every night, when Little Guy is asleep, I sit with my seven-year-old daughter and read books or play Legos. Recently she asked me about Ferguson. Until now, we didn’t really talk about violence or racial issues around our children because … Continue reading

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Thank You Everyone

Hello, It’s Thanksgivings Day here in the US. My family and I are preparing for a busy day of food and family. In the US we have a tradition of telling others what we are thankful for this year. For … Continue reading

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Line Rangers as a Metaphor for My Marriage

My wife and I play a game on our smartphones called Line Rangers or rain renjā (lineレンジャー) in Japanese. This is a Japanese game made by Naver JP (a Japanese-division of the Korean company, Naver), but is pretty popular all … Continue reading

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Ohatsumairi: Visiting the Buddha for the First Time

This Sunday, my baby-boy “Little Guy” took part in a Japanese-Buddhist ceremony called ohatsumairi (お初参り) or more formally, shosanshiki (初参式). The word ohatsumairi literally means “first visit” where “mairi” is from the humble verb mairu (参る). This is somewhat similar … Continue reading

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Foreigners on Japanese TV

As many folks know, Japan and other Asian countries are pretty ethnically homogenous. In Japan, 99% of the people there are ethnically Japanese, they speak Japanese language, they eat Japanese food, do things the Japanese way, etc. So, there aren’t … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

This is Little Guy. He is 1 year old today. :-) He had a lot of fun playing with his American grandparents, cousins and aunties. But now he is fast asleep. Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

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