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Getting Kicked In The Groin

December 2014 was a rough month for us. December started well after we got some extra money from our mortgage and a bonus from work. We were excited to put that money into savings, and maybe buy a new computer. … Continue reading

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Eventually, Everyone Can Become A Buddha

Recently one evening, my daughter and I were shopping at our favorite grocery store. While there, we noticed someone acting very suspicious. He was a rough-looking young man, wearing dirty clothes. He was looking around a lot, and moving from … Continue reading

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Lego Adventures with my Daughter

Hello, Earlier this year, I posted about my daugther’s legos and the stories she makes. My daughter and I play with Legos almost daily, and the stories and characters have changed over time. I own some Star Wars legos, and … Continue reading

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New Year 2015 Wrap-up

Hi Everyone, 明けましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします! Happy 2015 everyone! The last two weeks were very hectic. We celebrated Christmas at our house, followed by my daughter’s 8th birthday (yay), and then Japanese New Year or oshōgates. This post is a summary of the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christmas at Leavenworth

Hello, Recently, my family and I did a day-trip (higaeri in Japanese, 日帰り) to the town of Leavenworth to enjoy Christmas. Leavenworth is in Washington state, but it’s on the other side of the Cascade Mountains, so we have to … Continue reading

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Talking to my Daughter about Ferguson

Every night, when Little Guy is asleep, I sit with my seven-year-old daughter and read books or play Legos. Recently she asked me about Ferguson. Until now, we didn’t really talk about violence or racial issues around our children because … Continue reading

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Thank You Everyone

Hello, It’s Thanksgivings Day here in the US. My family and I are preparing for a busy day of food and family. In the US we have a tradition of telling others what we are thankful for this year. For … Continue reading

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