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Every year, when we visit Japan, we often pay respect to my wife’s deceased relatives and ancestors. This is a common practice in Japan called ohakamairi (お墓参り) where ohaka just means a grave, while mairu is the humble version of … Continue reading

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Buddhist Shrines, American Style

Lately, while visiting the Rissho Kosei Kai temple here in Seattle, I’ve been getting some good sources of inspiration for my Buddhist shrine at home. As mentioned before, the services at that temple are usually divided between English service, and … Continue reading

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Was It Worth It?

Recently, I was shocked to read the story of the death of a high-level executive at Google named Forrest Hayes because of a drug-overdose given by a prostitute. Read the article if you don’t know the story already. It’s kind … Continue reading

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You Can’t Please Everybody

Hello, I am writing a shorter post this time, the 3rd and final post about the Harlem Hellfighters will come soon (not quite done yet), but I wanted to share an interesting story that happened earlier this week. Last year, … Continue reading

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Children’s Day 2014, Little Guy’s First

Hello, May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan, or kodomo no hi (子供の日). Originally, it was a holiday for boys (still is somewhat), but nowadays kids in general enjoy Children’s Day. Many kids like to hang koinobori (wind streamers shaped … Continue reading

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A Good Vacation

Hello, Recently, I took a couple days off from work and just stayed at home. Unlike countries like Japan or the UK and Ireland, there aren’t many public holidays in the US and no bank-holidays. Instead, people usually get a … Continue reading

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Tulip Time in Seattle!

Every year, my wife and I go to the Tulip Festival at Mount Vernon, WA, which is a famous festival near Seattle. This year was the first for Little Guy. We always visit Tulip Town farm when we go. The … Continue reading

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