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Humor Among Different Cultures

Yesterday, I was reading a good blog post by reader “Johnl” who has lived in Japan for 30 years. The article is about the importance of fashion and image in Japan (and why it matters), but it also talked about … Continue reading

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A Brief Look At Korean Hanbok

(Photo courtesy of’s Flickr page) Many traditional cultures have some kind of clothing that embodies the culture. When you see a girl in a kimono, you think “Japan”, if you see someone in cowboy clothes you think “America”, or … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, Recently, I started wearing five-toed socks or gohon yubi sokkusu (五本指ソックス) recently after a purchase at REI and they feel great.1 Five-toed socks are pretty common in Japan, and my wife and her family often wear them. The … Continue reading

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Understanding Women’s Fashion In Korea/Japan

I grew up in the Seattle area almost my entire life. Until recently, people here dressed like we’re all going camping, or at least doing something outdoors, but this was basically all I knew. It is the Pacific Northwest after … Continue reading

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A Look at Jinbei

Speaking of Bonodori, fireworks, and summer barbecues in Japan, another aspect of summer are jinbei (甚平): Jinbei shouldn’t be confused with kimono. They are very light, cotton robes, usually indigo in color, but as you can see below, the seam … Continue reading

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