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Romans, Cherry Blossoms and Irish Sushi

Hi all, Lots of fun things to talk about this week. As readers know, I’ve been busy lately because of my transition to my new job. I’ve been spending a lot of time at night studying new technologies used at … Continue reading

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Stop Learning Kanji!

Lately, as I wrote before, I’ve been getting frustrated with the Heisig method for learning Kanji, and then switched to learning kanji using the classic grade-school method (1st grade, then 2nd grade, etc). What I found was neither system worked … Continue reading

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Buddhist Sutra Chanting in Japanese

Hello, Recently, I had an opportunity to go to a workshop on chanting Buddhist-liturgy in the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition. Although not required, it will help me a lot in my efforts to get ordained as a minister. The workshop … Continue reading

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The 48-hour Superman Challenege

Hi Folks, Lately, my wife and some of her friends (Korean and Japanese) have been avidly watching a Korean TV show called “Return of Superman”, which is available on Youtube by KBS World. In Korean, it is called syupeomaen i … Continue reading

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Manchu-Korean Language Textbook

Hi Folks, Today I thought I would share something cool I found on Twitter recently (click here to see photo more closely): Ch'ong-o No-kol-tae 清语老乞大: Textbook for learning Manchu in the 17th century #MarginaliaMonday @koryoinleiden — Fresco SAM-SIN (@manjurabumbi) … Continue reading

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JLPT N1: To Take or Not To Take?

Although I’ve complained about the JLPT exam (日本語能力試験) in the past, I have been thinking about taking the final level: the N1 (一級). The N1 exam is the most difficult, and usually takes a few years to prepare. I completed … Continue reading

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Meiji Shrine Fortune-Poem

Hello, My wife and I like to visit Meiji Shrine in Tokyo often. Last year, my wife was having Yakudoshi right now (maeyaku, yakudoshi, atoyaku), so she went there to get purified and avoid potential calamity. I like going just … Continue reading

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