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How To Really Learn a Language

An old article from AJATT (I forget which one), reminded me of this scene from the movie The 13th Warrior: In this scene, from the movie The 13th Warrior, the Arab character Ahmad ibn Fadlan (based on the real historical … Continue reading

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Breadth versus Depth

I like to keep myself busy, as readers probably noticed. :) But since Little Guy was born, I’ve been even more busy, so I’ve been trying to manage my time better. So, I started writing down all my little hobbies, … Continue reading

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Knowing Enough Kanji

Recently my wife shared some interesting advice. My daughter’s Japanese teacher explained that if you learn enough Japanese kanji (Chinese characters) to reach a third-grade level, you can read 70% of the words in a regular book or magazine. You … Continue reading

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Meiji-Era Dictionary: a look back 105 years ago

When I first married my wife in 2004, we visited Japan in 2005 to my wife’s home (実家, jikka) and I remember my father-in-law giving me a really old book. He knew that I liked history and such, so he … Continue reading

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Kanji Isn’t So Hard Afterall!

A while back on the Japan Times, a Japanese newspaper for foreign readers, there was a tribute to a writer named Mary Sisk Noguchi who wrote for 30 years in the Japan times. Sadly, she died in 2012 from cancer … Continue reading

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Learning Japanese Through Final Fantasy

As readers may recall, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series of games, and have been since I was 10 years old playing the original Final Fantasy for the NES. One of my favorite games in the … Continue reading

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Why Learning A Foreign Language Is Worth It

I found this article in the BBC a few months ago about the fact that few people in the UK can speak a second language. This is probably true in the US as well, since we have similar education systems, … Continue reading

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The Hassles of Katakana

Recently, I finally, finally finished this workbook on Japanese Katakana writing. I had started maybe a year ago, back when I was working in Phoenix, Arizona for training. Previously, I finished the book on Hiragana to improve my handwriting. Since … Continue reading

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Kansai Dialect: a brief primer

Lately we’ve been watching1 the NHK morning drama Gochisosan (ごちそうさん) which takes place in Osaka. In the past I wrote about the Kansai Dialect, but since then I can listen/understand Japanese more easily than before. I’m certainly not fluent, but … Continue reading

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Perfume Teaches Japanese

For this Sunday afternoon, I wanted to share this one. The lovely ladies of Perfume came out with another song recently called “1mm”: The video is clever because the lyrics are super-imposed all over the screen as they’re singing. There’s … Continue reading

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