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Perfume and OK Go

Hi guys, This is just something fun I wanted to share. This is a video by the American alternative group OK Go. This video was filmed in Japan (you can see the ladies of Perfume at the beginning). If you … Continue reading

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Sour Grapes

Earlier today, I got really upset about something that I was rejected for. It was something I originally didn’t want, but was invited to take part in. However, I started to get my expectations up, and then when I was … Continue reading

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Perfume Teaches Japanese

For this Sunday afternoon, I wanted to share this one. The lovely ladies of Perfume came out with another song recently called “1mm”: The video is clever because the lyrics are super-imposed all over the screen as they’re singing. There’s … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween 2013

I decided to post this classic Arashi song for fun to celebrate Halloween this year. In the past, it was really hard to find Johnny’s music videos on Youtube, but now Arashi has it’s own channel on Youtube/Vevo,1 which makes … Continue reading

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New Perfume Video: “Magic of Love”

For all you Perfume fans (a surprising number of blog readers are), here’s the latest song by Perfume: Magic of Love. Similar to their video for Voice, it includes a lot of cool room-shifts and visual tricks. My daughter loves … Continue reading

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JPop Saturdays: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”

I felt like posting this one this weekend for three reasons. First, spring is coming again soon and I’m excited for it. Second Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri) is coming to Japan and I wanted to post something that celebrates Japanese women. … Continue reading

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JPop Saturdays: Perfume’s “Nee”

I’ve been saving this one for Christmas time because I like the winter theme of the video. This is another JPop song by Perfume called “nee”: Sadly, this is only the short version. The long version is available Youtube, but … Continue reading

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