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Understanding Buddhism through Donuts

I found this on Twitter recently: For @cathyby & @bowmanthebard MT @Glendenning_L: Heh. "Philosophy through doughnuts" — Liam Hogan (@Limerick1914) September 21, 2014 This is a whiteboard-list of Western philosophers and a summary of their ideas using donuts. For … Continue reading

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Talking to my Daughter about Ferguson

Every night, when Little Guy is asleep, I sit with my seven-year-old daughter and read books or play Legos. Recently she asked me about Ferguson. Until now, we didn’t really talk about violence or racial issues around our children because … Continue reading

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What Makes a Monk in Buddhism?

Since today is Bodhi Day, celebrating the Enlightenment of the Buddha, I wanted to share something I found from the Dhammapada: 264. Not by shaven head does a man who is indisciplined and untruthful become a monk. How can he … Continue reading

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Rocking the Shoshinge

Hi Everyone, This is a very nerdy blog title, but I just wanted to give an update. As I posted last month, I am trying to learn the Jodo-Shinshu Buddhist hymn, the Shoshinge 正信偈, as part of the process for … Continue reading

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Vipassana Meditation Q&A

Hello, Recently, I’ve been reading a certain book that a certain reader, “AS”, sent me a while back,1 titled Comprehensive Instructions on Mindfulness Meditation by the late Burmese monk Sayādaw U Sīlānanda. This is a detailed book on Theravada Buddhist … Continue reading

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What is Bodhi Day?

Hi Everyone, December 8th marks a Buddhist holiday called Bodhi Day on the Western-Solar Calendar. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha attained Enlightenment on the “8th day of the 12th month”. Many Buddhist cultures still observe this holiday according to … Continue reading

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Getting To The Bottom Of Ferguson, Cutting Through the Madness

I was sad to hear about the verdict in the trial for police officer Darren Wilson. I felt bad for Mike Brown’s parents who lost their son, and for all those frustrated with life in Ferguson, MO. But then I … Continue reading

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