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How to do Incense Offerings at Japanese Buddhist Temples

Hi Guys, At the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple we go to, there is a ritual called oshōkō (お焼香), where families go up to the temple before service and offer a little incense, as well as a small donation, usually a … Continue reading

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I Alone Am The World-Honored One

Hi all, This was a last-minute post, but earlier today I found this great post on Twitter from the monastic community at the famous Koyasan temple in Japan (click here if you can’t see it): 今日はお釈迦さまのお誕生日。 花まつりのお喜びを申し上げます。 — 高野山開創1200年記念大法会 … Continue reading

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Buddhas and Kitties!

185. Not despising, not harming, restraint according to the code of monastic discipline, moderation in food, dwelling in solitude, devotion to meditation — this is the teaching of the Buddhas. –The Dhammapada Hi guys, For the upcoming holiday of hanamatsuri, … Continue reading

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Let It Go….

I found this excellent quote from a Buddhist text called the Alagaddupama Sutta: The Water-Snake Simile that I wanted to share: “Even so, monks, whatever isn’t yours: Let go of it. Your letting go of it will be for your … Continue reading

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Not What You Think It Is

Lately, I started reading a fascinating book about the life of Tetsugen Dōkō (鉄眼道光, 1630-1682), a monk of the Obaku Zen sect. He was known as a scholar and great propagator of Buddhist texts to lay-people in Japan. One of his … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need to “Study” Buddhism?

Hi all, Recently I found this post on Twitter in Japanese and it made me think about some things. I wanted to share it with readers:    Roughly translated it means: The mere fact that Buddhist temples is great. The … Continue reading

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Spring Ohigan 2015: Facing Life, Facing Death

Hello, It’s the Spring Ohigan once again in Japan. Ohigan is a holiday that happens twice a year in Japan, and coincides with the spring and autumnal equinoxes. It is a time for people in Japan to return home, visit … Continue reading

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