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Buddhist Vocabulary To Know

Hello, Recently, I visited the Rissho Kosei Kai temple again this Sunday.  Last week, I came during a special service, so this time around, I wanted to see what a regular service looked like.  The service this week was split … Continue reading

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My Encounter With Rissho Kosei Kai

Hello, Lately, I’ve had a bit of free time while my wife and kids are in Japan (not much, but a little), so I have been visiting a couple of Buddhist temples, including a Korean-Zen temple I had visited before. … Continue reading

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Hate Will Not Heal You

Another post before the weekend. :) While playing through the game Final Fantasy XIII lately, I’ve also been enjoying the excellent soundtrack. This small song is called “Serah’s Theme” (セラのテーマ), which you can also see here: The lyrics1 are very … Continue reading

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Makuya: A Japanese-Christian Church

Hello, Recently I had an opportunity to attend a religious service with a little-known but interesting group of Japanese-Christians called Makuya or kirisuto no makuya (キリストの幕屋). The word “makuya” (幕屋) is the Japanese word for Tabernacle, which is the name … Continue reading

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Finding Religious Communities in America

A while back, I read a fascinating article in Tricycle Magazine about religious communities in the US. The article talks about how religious communities are changing in America so that instead of social “communities” they are becoming “lifestyle enclaves”. The … Continue reading

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The Problem Is Not Them, It’s You

(alt text: To everyone who responds to everything by saying they’ve ‘lost their faith in humanity’: Thanks–I’ll let humanity know. I’m sure they’ll be crushed.) I read the online comic XKCD regularly each week for years and Wednesday’s is one … Continue reading

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Taking Time Off

This post is just to let readers know I will be taking a kind of “retreat”1 at home for a week or two. I will still be working and taking care of family but I will turn off Twitter, Blog … Continue reading

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A Bandage-Fix

The IT industry can be pretty stressful. When I was younger I thought I could manage the stress better if I meditated often. I was new to Buddhism and was eager to meditate so at work I would find an … Continue reading

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We Need Each Other

Recently I finished another issue of the famous Japanese manga 宇宙兄弟 (Space Brothers), issue 15. In this issue, one of the main characters, Namba Hibito (なんば日々人) is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident on the Moon. This … Continue reading

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Meditation Won’t Always Solve Your Problems!

(Skeletor has stressful days too…) Speaking from my limited, personal experience as a carbon blob on this pale blue dot, a person can be good at meditation and still be mean, selfish or arrogant person. Such a person sees meditation … Continue reading

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