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Gandharan Buddha

I found this image on the Metropolitan Museum website recently: Gandhara was an ancient city in Pakistan and an important cultural center of the Kushan Empire, which inherited Greco-Iranian culture and spread it over a much wider area than before. … Continue reading

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The Power of Family and Environment

Hi all, Recently I was reading an article by Al-Jazeera English1 about a young man, named Adolfo Davis, who has been in prison in Illinois since he was 14. Now he is 38, one year older than me, and will … Continue reading

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Easy Come, Easy Go

This is what remains of our TV screen: Our daughter, “Princess”, recently got a new Star Wars lightsaber,1 and decided to practice with it in the living-room, and this was the result. It happened on Mother’s Day too. The TV … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Printing

Hello, As readers know, I’ve been reading a fascinating book about the life of a Japanese-Zen monk named Tetsugen. Tetsugen was a prominent teacher and lefturer of the Obaku Zen sect, but his greatest accomplishment was providing a complete, printed … Continue reading

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King Ashoka Comes to Korea and Japan

Lately, I’ve been watching a series of DVDs about Buddhist temples in Japan called hyakuji junrei (百寺巡礼, “100-temple pilgrimage”) which my in-laws gave me years ago. I watched about 1/3 of the videos years ago, but stopped for a long … Continue reading

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The Lost “Iranian” Buddhism: A Brief History of the Silk Road

Hello Everyone, I recently finished two related books this week: the Xuan-zang book I wrote about before and a new book by Richard Foltz about the religions of the Silk Road. The latter book was fairly short, but it was … Continue reading

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Mind as Mirror

While visiting my good friend in Portland, Oregon recently, we had a good theological discussion while my daughter slept in the next room. One of the things I mentioned was the Buddhist notion, not exclusive to Zen, of the mind … Continue reading

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