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Burning the Candle At Both Ends

Hi Everyone, In the past month or so, I’ve been participating in two Buddhist groups: one Jodo Shinshu (the temple in Seattle) and an online Zen sangha that’s pretty well-known. I talked about going to the local Jodo Shinshu temple … Continue reading

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Ohatsumairi: Visiting the Buddha for the First Time

This Sunday, my baby-boy “Little Guy” took part in a Japanese-Buddhist ceremony called ohatsumairi (お初参り) or more formally, shosanshiki (初参式). The word ohatsumairi literally means “first visit” where “mairi” is from the humble verb mairu (参る). This is somewhat similar … Continue reading

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Getting With The Times

Lately, I’ve been reading both the letters of Nichiren to women followers and also reading letters by Honen to followers in Promise of Amida Buddha. It’s interesting to read their letters side-by-side (more or less) because the content is pretty … Continue reading

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The Letters of Nichiren to Women Followers

Hello, Recently while on a trip to Portland, OR, I stopped at the famous Powell’s City of Books, which is a huge, local bookstore that is very popular too. It was a great bookstore and I found lots of useful … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Vegetarianism According to Venerable Sheng-Yen

Hi guys, I just wanted to share this video from the famous Chinese monk, Sheng-Yen (聖嚴, died in 2009) about Buddhism and vegetarianism: I liked this video because it was pretty balanced. He lays out some good, valid reasons why … Continue reading

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What is the Buddha’s Pure Land? Another Perspective

Yesterday, I kind of had a small epiphany with regard to the Pure Land in Buddhism (浄土 jōdo in Japanese). The Pure Land is an interesting subject of discussion in Buddhism. It’s a big part of East Asian Buddhism, and … Continue reading

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Astronomy and Why I Am A Buddhist

Recently on Twitter I found this post: I never imagined that flying to space would give me a different view of our entire galaxy. #BlueDot — Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) September 18, 2014 If you can’t see it, click here. … Continue reading

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