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Beginner Buddhism S2, Lesson 7: Samsara and the World Around Us

Hi all, I finished another video in the BBS2 series: This one was something I came up with a couple weeks ago while driving in the car for a while, but basically I wanted to explore two subjects: Samsara and … Continue reading

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No Lasting Refuge

From the Assu Sutta (SN 15.3) in the Pali Canon (trans. Thanissaro Bhikkhu): There the Blessed One said: “From an inconstruable beginning comes transmigration. A beginning point is not evident, though beings hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving are … Continue reading

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Shopping For A New Buddhist Temple

Hi all, As mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been thinking about some changes to my Buddhist practice1 and I hope to elaborate on that here. I’ve been more or less a Pure Land Buddhist since 2005 when I visited … Continue reading

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What Mayan Apocalypse? Teachings From the Buddha

For those panicking over the end of the world, remember this quote from the Lotus Sutra, chapter 16 (translation by Gene Reeves): Throughout the countless eons, I have always lived on Holy Eagle Peak And in various other places. When … Continue reading

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Financial Advice, the Buddhist Way

Hi all, This post was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a relative who asked me for financial advice, plus I was thinking about all the money people spend during the Holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, お正月, etc). The Buddha … Continue reading

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Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism: A Fresh Perspective

(Taken recently with permission at Kannon-ji temple in Japan, this shows some of the Buddha’s “arahat” disciples. Sorry for the poor quality. The room was very dark, and I only had a camera phone.) Hi all, Folks who are new … Continue reading

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Birth, Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

Recently I’ve been avidly reading a Buddhist book sent to me by a certain reader last year (thank you Ashin S.) titled How to Live Without Fear And Worry by the late Ven. K Sri. Dhammananda. In particular, I found … Continue reading

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