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What Mayan Apocalypse? Teachings From the Buddha

For those panicking over the end of the world, remember this quote from the Lotus Sutra, chapter 16 (translation by Gene Reeves): Throughout the countless eons, I have always lived on Holy Eagle Peak And in various other places. When … Continue reading

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Financial Advice, the Buddhist Way

Hi all, This post was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a relative who asked me for financial advice, plus I was thinking about all the money people spend during the Holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, お正月, etc). The Buddha … Continue reading

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Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism: A Fresh Perspective

(Taken recently with permission at Kannon-ji temple in Japan, this shows some of the Buddha’s “arahat” disciples. Sorry for the poor quality. The room was very dark, and I only had a camera phone.) Hi all, Folks who are new … Continue reading

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Birth, Death and Rebirth in Buddhism

Recently I’ve been avidly reading a Buddhist book sent to me by a certain reader last year (thank you Ashin S.) titled How to Live Without Fear And Worry by the late Ven. K Sri. Dhammananda. In particular, I found … Continue reading

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The Madness of Learning Two Languages

This is kind of like part two of a post I wrote previously. As I continue to study 2 languages at once, I realized that I took on a big project doing this. Contrary to what some people might read … Continue reading

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Property, It’s All About Property

Recently I was watching my favorite war movie, The Thin Red Line, which you can see the trailer here (if you’ve never seen the movie before): Although it’s a war movie, the movie is more about humanity and why we … Continue reading

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Nembutsu as Self-Reflection

From time to time, when life gets me really flustered or frustrated, or I am just frustrated with myself, I use my special rosary from Kamakura, and recite a full cycle (about 1080 times) of the nembutsu (the Buddha’s name). … Continue reading

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Alertness, not Mindfulness

Recently, a fellow blogger named Cocomino, posted an interesting article about how people make better decisions in a foreign language. The explanation behind the research is that: Namely, people are less likely to fall into common cognitive traps when tested … Continue reading

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Lately, I’ve been having heartburn, stomach pain and vomiting. It started last year on Thanksgiving but wasn’t frequent, until February and March of this year. But the stomach pain and vomiting have become more and more frequent and my wife … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Buddhist Liturgy Book

This is another post to celebrate the Ohigan holiday. When I flew to Japan recently, I bought a small notebook at the airport gift shop: It was an impulse purchase; I don’t know why I bought it, but it looked … Continue reading

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