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Understanding Ofuda

Hello, Today is a double-post again. It’s the New Year and many people visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan (and overseas), and often buy something called ofuda (お札). Formally, they are called shinsatsu (神札), but people almost always … Continue reading

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Shinto In The 21st Century

Hi Everyone, Recently, I found this interesting article by the Japan Times about efforts to keep Shinto relevant in the 21st century. The article talks about the efforts to reach out foreign guests and let them experience Shinto life in … Continue reading

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Taboo in the Heian Period of Japan

Recently, while reading reading the Gossamer Years, I found the book contained a thorough explanation of the notion of “taboo” and “purification” in the Heian Court in Japan. I wanted to share this with others. Aristocrats and the Heian Court … Continue reading

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Happy Setsubun 2013!

Setsubun (節分) is a holiday I have posted about before, but usually it happens on a weekday and I am at work, so I can’t really celebrate with my wife and daughter. It is one of many little “seasonal” holidays … Continue reading

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A Brief Glance At Ancient Roman Religion

Normally, when I talk about religion on this blog (a favorite topic of mine), I usually talk about Japanese/Korean religion, with Buddhism in particular. But since I also study Latin a little bit as a hobby, I also got curious … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Shinto Shrine

Hi all, As part of my last trip to Japan in August 2012, I visited a famous Shinto shrine named Yushima Tenmangu near Ueno Park.1 I visited there in 2010, and prayed that I would pass the JLPT N2 exam, … Continue reading

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Shinto Shrines in Japan: An Introduction

While filming the tenth video in the Beginner Buddhism series, we also had some time to film a smaller video on visiting Shinto shrines in Japan: This was a famous Shinto shrine very close to Setagaya Kannon-ji, called Komatsunagi Shrine … Continue reading

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