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On Mosquitoes

“Aedes aegypti” by Muhammad Mahdi Karim ( Facebook Youtube – Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons. It’s summer, and as you know, mosquitoes become a big nuisance. A couple years ago, I was in Japan during the … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer, in Korea and Japan

Summers in Japan and Korea are hot. I grew up in the Seattle-area my whole life and summers here are usually warm, mild and not very humid. My first time in Japan during summer was a shock. Other than my … Continue reading

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A Look at the Takada Branch of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

Hi all, As readers might remember, I’ve been watching the Japanese DVD series hyakuji junrei (百寺巡礼 “100 temple pilgrimage”). One of the temples was called Senjuji (専修寺). Their official website is here. Senjuji is the head of the Takada-ha branch … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Printing

Hello, As readers know, I’ve been reading a fascinating book about the life of a Japanese-Zen monk named Tetsugen. Tetsugen was a prominent teacher and lefturer of the Obaku Zen sect, but his greatest accomplishment was providing a complete, printed … Continue reading

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King Ashoka Comes to Korea and Japan

Lately, I’ve been watching a series of DVDs about Buddhist temples in Japan called hyakuji junrei (百寺巡礼, “100-temple pilgrimage”) which my in-laws gave me years ago. I watched about 1/3 of the videos years ago, but stopped for a long … Continue reading

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Happy Children’s Day 2015

May 5th in Japan is the traditional holiday of Children’s Day or kodomo no hi (子供の日). Originally celebrated as a seasonal holiday for boys (a counterpart to Girls Day, March 3rd) it gradually expanded to include all children. However, even … Continue reading

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Little Guy Goes To School

Hi all, This is Little Guy. He is almost 19 months old, and is wearing his first backpack. :) We gots this backpack as a welcoming gift for subscribing him to Benesse’s distance-learning series. He likes to wear it all … Continue reading

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