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Happy Otsukimi Moon-Viewing 2015

Hi Everyone, This weekend there are a lot of Autumn-festivals going on across places like China, Korea and Japan. I’ve talked about Korean Chuseok before, so today I wanted to post about the Japanese festival of O-tsukimi (お月見). Compared to … Continue reading

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Ohigan and Crossing Over

Hi guys, I had some free time recently and put together a small video about what Ohigan means and how it fits into Buddhist themes in general: It is pretty short but talks about Shan-tao’s famous Parable of the Two … Continue reading

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The Thousand Character Poem

Hi guys, Recently my family and I were watching another episode of the Korean family show Return of Superman (we watch every Sunday morning together), and in this episode the children stayed overnight at a traditional Korean, Confucian-style etiquette school … Continue reading

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Happy Day of the Chrysanthemum 2015

Hi Guys, September 9th is the Day of the Chrysanthemum in traditional Japanese culture, one of the 5 sekku (節句) in calendar year. To celebrate I wanted to share a couple poems about autumn chrysanthemums from the Kokin Wakashu poetry … Continue reading

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Goodbye Summer

I found this delightful, anonymous poem from the Kokin Wakashu poetry anthology, number 172, that I wanted to share: 昨日こそ kinou koso 早苗取りしか sanae torishika いつのまに itsu no ma ni 稲葉そよぎて inaba soyogite 秋風の吹く akikaze no fuku Which is translated … Continue reading

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Why the Atomic Bombing Still Matters 70 Years Later

This weapon is to be used against Japan between now and August 10th. I have told the Sec. of War, Mr. Stimson, to use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the target and not women and … Continue reading

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Going To School In Japan

Hello, My wife and kids have been in Japan for the past few weeks visiting relatives, and we decided to enroll our daughter (a.k.a. “Princess”) into the local elementary school for a week. We were unsure whether she would fit … Continue reading

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