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A Look At Korean Tea

My wife and I have been exploring Korean Food for a few years now, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a wide variety of tea in Korea that is regularly consumed. Many of these teas are … Continue reading

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Tulip Time in Seattle!

Every year, my wife and I go to the Tulip Festival at Mount Vernon, WA, which is a famous festival near Seattle. This year was the first for Little Guy. We always visit Tulip Town farm when we go. The … Continue reading

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Were Samurai Really Zen Buddhists?

It’s a common belief that Zen and Samurai culture are closely related. A popular image about Japan by both foreigners (and Japanese) is a cultured warrior, who is skilled both with a brush and a sword, and isn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget White Day

Today is White Day in Japan and Korea as well as China/Taiwan. Well, it was yesterday (time zone difference), but anyway March 14th is White Day. Men receive chocolates from girls on Valentine’s day, and today is the day where … Continue reading

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Happy Girls Day 2014

To all the little girls out there, and ladies who are still young at heart, Happy Girls’ Day: Girls’ Day is a fun day for our family (more detailed post last year), as we can celebrate Princess growing into a … Continue reading

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Meiji-Era Dictionary: a look back 105 years ago

When I first married my wife in 2004, we visited Japan in 2005 to my wife’s home (実家, jikka) and I remember my father-in-law giving me a really old book. He knew that I liked history and such, so he … Continue reading

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A Look At Chinese Pure Land Buddhism

So lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books on Pure Land Buddhism (浄土仏教). It started with Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Finding Our True Home, which is a very modern interpretation of Pure Land Buddhism. I found the book interesting, … Continue reading

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The Buddha’s Parinirvana in Art

I saw an interesting photo on Twitter months ago by @KyotoDailyPhoto. The temple, a Tendai temple, is called Shinnyodō (真如堂) in Kyoto. That photo shows a rock garden that looks like the death (入滅) of the Buddha, where the Buddha … Continue reading

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Predicting the Six Days of the Japanese Calendar using Python

Lately, I’ve been struggling to learn a programming language called Python. I know how to program using Perl and BASH, but a lot of people where I work use Python, and many technicians should know at least 2 scripting languages … Continue reading

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Anyone Can Do It

Here in Seattle, we are getting excited for the Super Bowl, the yearly football championship. Our local team, the Seattle Seahawks, have only been to the Super Bowl once before (and they lost), so people here are quite excited. Everywhere … Continue reading

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