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Mind as Mirror

While visiting my good friend in Portland, Oregon recently, we had a good theological discussion while my daughter slept in the next room. One of the things I mentioned was the Buddhist notion, not exclusive to Zen, of the mind … Continue reading

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Scattering Blossoms

Hello, As we are now in the month of uzuki (卯月) in the old Japanese calendar, I was reading through the Kokinshu poetry anthology again, and I wanted to share a couple poems for Spring. This first poem was composed … Continue reading

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How to do Incense Offerings at Japanese Buddhist Temples

Hi Guys, At the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple we go to, there is a ritual called oshōkō (お焼香), where families go up to the temple before service and offer a little incense, as well as a small donation, usually a … Continue reading

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Preparing for Children’s Day

Hi all, As readers know, we celebrate Girls’ Day every year. This is a Japanese holiday on March 3rd celebrating young ladies and wishing them happiness and prosperity. However, there is another holiday for boys called Children’s Day, or kodomo … Continue reading

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Children’s Magazines in Japan

Hi Guys, One of the fun things about raising children in two cultures is that your kids can enjoy things from two different worlds. :) Since our daughter was a little girl, we often went to the local Kinokuniya bookstore … Continue reading

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Not What You Think It Is

Lately, I started reading a fascinating book about the life of Tetsugen Dōkō (鉄眼道光, 1630-1682), a monk of the Obaku Zen sect. He was known as a scholar and great propagator of Buddhist texts to lay-people in Japan. One of his … Continue reading

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The Mountains Of Japan

Hello, I found this interesting post in Twitter today. さきほど撮影した、噴火する桜島と月です。 — KAGAYA (@KAGAYA_11949) March 25, 2015 This is a famous volcano named Sakura-Jima (桜島) which is down in Kagoshima Prefecture. Unlike Mount Fuji, it is a very active volcano. … Continue reading

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