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My Encounter With Rissho Kosei Kai

Hello, Lately, I’ve had a bit of free time while my wife and kids are in Japan (not much, but a little), so I have been visiting a couple of Buddhist temples, including a Korean-Zen temple I had visited before. … Continue reading

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Stay Cool Everyone!

Hello, July 15th, at least in Japanese culture, is considered the hottest day of the year. A lot of people will probably be eating unagi eels today, I bet. Even in Seattle, it’s been unusually warm lately: the days reach … Continue reading

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Makuya: A Japanese-Christian Church

Hello, Recently I had an opportunity to attend a religious service with a little-known but interesting group of Japanese-Christians called Makuya or kirisuto no makuya (キリストの幕屋). The word “makuya” (幕屋) is the Japanese word for Tabernacle, which is the name … Continue reading

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Japanese Food in America

Recently, I spent a week in sunny Phoenix, AZ again for work training and some research for my company.1 The weather was 105°F (43°C) so it was extremely hot, but I still enjoy going to Phoenix anyway. Of the places … Continue reading

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We Need Each Other

Recently I finished another issue of the famous Japanese manga 宇宙兄弟 (Space Brothers), issue 15. In this issue, one of the main characters, Namba Hibito (なんば日々人) is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after an accident on the Moon. This … Continue reading

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Children’s Day 2014, Little Guy’s First

Hello, May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan, or kodomo no hi (子供の日). Originally, it was a holiday for boys (still is somewhat), but nowadays kids in general enjoy Children’s Day. Many kids like to hang koinobori (wind streamers shaped … Continue reading

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Going To Japan, Gangnam Style

Hi Everyone, As a small announcement, my family and I are going back to Japan this year in July/August. We try to go to Japan yearly, so my wife and children can stay connected with their family, and have done … Continue reading

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Were Samurai Really Zen Buddhists?

It’s a common belief that Zen and Samurai culture are closely related. A popular image about Japan by both foreigners (and Japanese) is a cultured warrior, who is skilled both with a brush and a sword, and isn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget White Day

Today is White Day in Japan and Korea as well as China/Taiwan. Well, it was yesterday (time zone difference), but anyway March 14th is White Day. Men receive chocolates from girls on Valentine’s day, and today is the day where … Continue reading

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Happy Girls Day 2014

To all the little girls out there, and ladies who are still young at heart, Happy Girls’ Day: Girls’ Day is a fun day for our family (more detailed post last year), as we can celebrate Princess growing into a … Continue reading

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