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Were Samurai Really Zen Buddhists?

It’s a common belief that Zen and Samurai culture are closely related. A popular image about Japan by both foreigners (and Japanese) is a cultured warrior, who is skilled both with a brush and a sword, and isn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget White Day

Today is White Day in Japan and Korea as well as China/Taiwan. Well, it was yesterday (time zone difference), but anyway March 14th is White Day. Men receive chocolates from girls on Valentine’s day, and today is the day where … Continue reading

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Happy Girls Day 2014

To all the little girls out there, and ladies who are still young at heart, Happy Girls’ Day: Girls’ Day is a fun day for our family (more detailed post last year), as we can celebrate Princess growing into a … Continue reading

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Meiji-Era Dictionary: a look back 105 years ago

When I first married my wife in 2004, we visited Japan in 2005 to my wife’s home (実家, jikka) and I remember my father-in-law giving me a really old book. He knew that I liked history and such, so he … Continue reading

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The Buddha’s Parinirvana in Art

I saw an interesting photo on Twitter months ago by @KyotoDailyPhoto. The temple, a Tendai temple, is called Shinnyodō (真如堂) in Kyoto. That photo shows a rock garden that looks like the death (入滅) of the Buddha, where the Buddha … Continue reading

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Predicting the Six Days of the Japanese Calendar using Python

Lately, I’ve been struggling to learn a programming language called Python. I know how to program using Perl and BASH, but a lot of people where I work use Python, and many technicians should know at least 2 scripting languages … Continue reading

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Adventures With Japanese Sticker Dolls

Here in Seattle, we have a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya, which is a popular bookstore in Japan, but there are only a few in the US. My family and I go there about once a month so we can buy … Continue reading

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A Life Well-Lived

Recently, I found this great quote from the famous 13th century Japanese-Buddhist text, Essays in Idleness, or tsurezure-gusa (徒然草) which I’ve written about before. It’s also the namesake of this blog of course. ;) Anyhow, the translation below is by … Continue reading

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Celebrating 100 Days

Hi Everyone, Little Guy is about to turn 100 days old, and we are going to celebrate something called okuizome (お食い初め). This is a small, but important celebration to mark the day when a baby turns 100 days old. In … Continue reading

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A Look At “The Awakening Of Faith In The Mahayana”

Hello, Recently, after a visit to the doctor, I stopped by the local University of Washington (transferring buses) and stopped off at my favorite used-bookstore: Magus Books. I stop there about once every 1-2 years to look for rare and … Continue reading

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