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Meiji Shrine Fortune-Poem

Hello, My wife and I like to visit Meiji Shrine in Tokyo often. Last year, my wife was having Yakudoshi right now (maeyaku, yakudoshi, atoyaku), so she went there to get purified and avoid potential calamity. I like going just … Continue reading

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Understanding Ofuda

Hello, Today is a double-post again. It’s the New Year and many people visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in Japan (and overseas), and often buy something called ofuda (お札). Formally, they are called shinsatsu (神札), but people almost always … Continue reading

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Japanese Buddhist Memorial Objects

Hello, As part of my training for ordination as a Buddhist lay-minister, I am learning more about Buddhist funeral services and how things work. One of the things the minister showed me is memorial objects: objects used to commemorate the … Continue reading

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New Year 2015 Wrap-up

Hi Everyone, 明けましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします! Happy 2015 everyone! The last two weeks were very hectic. We celebrated Christmas at our house, followed by my daughter’s 8th birthday (yay), and then Japanese New Year or oshōgates. This post is a summary of the … Continue reading

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The Years Gone By

Hello, I talked about the Kokinshu poetry collection recently, and since it is the end of the year (nenmatsu 年末 for you language-students ;) ), I wanted to share some fitting poetry. This is poem 342 in the Kokinshu, and … Continue reading

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Mount Fuji in Winter

As a final post for 2014 (maybe), I wanted to share a photo a friend submitted from Japan: This was a photo of Mount Fuji taken from a town in Shizuoka Prefecture. During the night of Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year), … Continue reading

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Sakura Blossoms in December

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share some photos my wife took. Last week, we attended Sunday Service at the local Buddhist temple, and in the parking lot we noticed these cherry blossoms. I was holding Little Guy, so my … Continue reading

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