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Better Late Than Never: Girl’s Day 2015

 Hello, This year has been hectic but I finally put together for the Japanese holiday of hinamatsuri (ひな祭り) or Girls’ Day. Girls’ Day is on March 3rd. According to tradition, the best time to assemble the doll set is … Continue reading

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How To Make a Japanese-Style Haiku

Recently my wife and I were talking with our daughter, “Princess”, about haiku poetry. Princess learns both Japanese and English so she is aware of haikus but didn’t really know how to make one. So we talked about the rules … Continue reading

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Setsubun 2015 Fail

Hello, I wanted to post a funny video my wife took for this year’s Setsubun holiday. As readers might remember, there is a tradition called mamemaki (豆まき) which kids often do. Someone wears a mask to look like an oni … Continue reading

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A Life of Regret

In addition to the Xuanzang book I mentioned before, I’ve been re-reading a book about Ashikaga Yoshimasa, probably the worst Shogun in Japanese history, but a genius with art. In the book, Professor Donald Keene talks about Yoshimasa’s years in … Continue reading

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Mascots in Japan

じゃーふなっしーもトレードなっしー♪ヾ(。゜▽゜)ノ “@arigato_oo: @funassyi マスコットのビリー君を見て気付いたんだけど、ふなっしーが始球式をしたマイアミ・マーリンズにイチローさんが移籍するという、こんな偶然 — ふなっしー (@funassyi) January 31, 2015 Hi Folks, I’ve noticed that mascots are very popular in Japanese culture. You can see mascots for all kinds of things: TV shows, companies, even apartment-complexes. It’s a huge industry … Continue reading

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Welcome Spring!

Another waka poem I found in the Kokinshu that I wanted to share: 梅の花 Ume no hana それとも見えず Sore to mo miezu 久方の Hisakata no 天霧る雪の Amagiru yuki no なべて降れれば Nabete furereba Which translates as: The plum blossoms now are indistinguishable — for snow … Continue reading

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The Shirakawa River in Kyoto

Hello, For Friday, I wanted to share a nice photo I found on Twitter recently: Bubbling up on Hiei-zan (比叡山), the Shira-kawa (白川) is later funneled into a canal at Okazaki (岡崎) before pouring… — Kyoto Daily Photo (@KyotoDailyPhoto) … Continue reading

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