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Famous Korean Poetry on a Fan

Recently a Korean friend’s mom gave this fan to our daughter: If you look up close though, you can see a poem: This poem is really intersting to me because it shows both Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, and Chinese characters … Continue reading

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My Brief Visit to Incheon Airport

On my return trip back from Japan, I transferred at South Korea’s airport, Incheon, which is just outside Seoul. It’s a large airport and quite nice to visit and was opened just in 2001, so it’s actually pretty new. Incheon … Continue reading

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Traveling with Korean Air

As mentioned in the past, I decided to try something different when flying to Japan this time. Flights to Japan are much more expensive now than when my wife and I were first married. This is because: We have more … Continue reading

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Going To Japan, Gangnam Style

Hi Everyone, As a small announcement, my family and I are going back to Japan this year in July/August. We try to go to Japan yearly, so my wife and children can stay connected with their family, and have done … Continue reading

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A Look At Korean Tea

My wife and I have been exploring Korean Food for a few years now, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a wide variety of tea in Korea that is regularly consumed. Many of these teas are … Continue reading

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Secrets on Cultivating the Mind by Jinul

I’ve been continuing my reading of the famous Korean Buddhist Jinul in Robert E. Buswell’s book Tracing Back the Radiance. The book contains a few translated works by Jinul including his most popular text: Secrets on Cultivating the Mind or … Continue reading

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Celebrating 100 Days

Hi Everyone, Little Guy is about to turn 100 days old, and we are going to celebrate something called okuizome (お食い初め). This is a small, but important celebration to mark the day when a baby turns 100 days old. In … Continue reading

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