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Secrets on Cultivating the Mind by Jinul

I’ve been continuing my reading of the famous Korean Buddhist Jinul in Robert E. Buswell’s book Tracing Back the Radiance. The book contains a few translated works by Jinul including his most popular text: Secrets on Cultivating the Mind or … Continue reading

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Celebrating 100 Days

Hi Everyone, Little Guy is about to turn 100 days old, and we are going to celebrate something called okuizome (お食い初め). This is a small, but important celebration to mark the day when a baby turns 100 days old. In … Continue reading

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A Look At “The Awakening Of Faith In The Mahayana”

Hello, Recently, after a visit to the doctor, I stopped by the local University of Washington (transferring buses) and stopped off at my favorite used-bookstore: Magus Books. I stop there about once every 1-2 years to look for rare and … Continue reading

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For The True Buddhist Nerd: A Review of The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism

Recently, thanks to a helpful conversation with a certain Buddhist Professor (thank you Professor “B”), I got in touch with the Princeton University Press department, who sent me a free copy of The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism. I was eager … Continue reading

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What Zen Should Be

While reading the book Tracing Back the Radiance by Professor Robert Buswell, I found this interesting quote by a famous Korean monk in the Goryeo Dynasty named Uicheon (의천, 義天, 1055-1101). He lived a couple generations before Jinul did, and … Continue reading

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A Look At Jinul, Korean Buddhism’s Superstar

In the past, I wrote about Wonhyo, a kind of Buddhist hero in Korean history who was important in spreading Buddhism to the masses. This time, I wanted to talk about another famous Buddhist in Korean history named Jinul, or … Continue reading

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The Sage King Yeongjo of Korea

Recently I finished and interesting book (started in Spring) titled The Confucian Kingship in Korea: Yôngjo and the Politics of Sagacity. This book looks at the life of a certain Korean king named Yeongjo (1694-1776, 영조/英祖) of the Joseon Dynasty … Continue reading

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Toilets in Asia

A while back, I found this excellent guide to toilets in Korea by the good folks at Seoulistic. Much of this also applies to Japan too. If you travel/live in either place, this is important information of course. ;) When … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Korean Buddhist Canon

I haven’t talked about Korean stuff in a while (too busy with work and baby), but I found this interesting article by the Yonhap News Agency. This is about a festival to celebrate the Korean Buddhist Canon or Tripitaka Koreana. … Continue reading

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Newborns in Japan, Korea and the US

Our second child is now more than a week old, and we are adjusting to the new routine. The first week was really, really busy. We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights, 3 days so my wife could recover … Continue reading

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