Super-clingy baby!

Wow, something happened a few weeks ago, just before our trip to Victoria BC.* Baby suddenly became very moody and extremely clingy to Mommy. It’s recently gotten worse, not better. Daddy (me) used to give her showers or baths so that Mommy could have some time off, but tonight for example, Baby was absolutely hysterical the whole time, even when Mommy was nearby. She wouldn’t settle for anything besides being held.

We’ve assumed that this is somehow involved with teething (which she does seem to be doing), but I found out that every baby seems to suddenly freak out around 14 months. Here’s what one mom at this site explained:

The reason, according to the book I referenced, is because when they first start walking, it is a major life change for them. It’s the first time they can really see their world and be mobile at the same time and that is very scary for babies. For that reason, they feel the need for extra security from their parents, especially from their mother if that is the parent whom they are accustomed to having carry them around most of the time.

This makes a huge amount of sense, because the clinging did begin around the same time she learned to start walking. Baby can’t really walk on her own yet; she leans on couches, tricycles, and our hands, but she can walk. Suddenly around this time, she became increasingly fussy. Having dinner with her is hard too because she will first eat food, then suddenly stop and demand to get out. Or, she insists on drinking from the grown-ups’ cup. We empty out the cup and let her drink a few drops, which makes her happy, but the change in behavior has been a bit startling.

I assume other parents have dealt with this? :)

Well, she obviously won’t be doing this when she’s 16 years old, so it has to end sooner than later. 😉


* – Keep forgetting to upload those darn pictures. They’re on the computer now.

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  1. Breathing a sigh of relief that I found your new blog.

    I was pretty bummed yesterday when I discovered Level 8th had disappeared, but tried to take it as a lesson in impermanence. Fortunately I found your relocated site through a comment you left on The Buddha is My DJ. Glad you’re back!

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