UPDATE: We took Baby to the hospital later as the Tylenol wasn’t helping. Turns out it wasn’t teething, but a viral throat infection (probably picked up on the plane on the way over to Ireland). :p

Wow, what a day. Two nights ago Baby started running a relatively low fever (100° to 101° but never higher) and felt warm. Overall she was in pretty good spirits, but the Tylenol we gave her didn’t have much effect. She slept pretty well and was still in good spirits yesterday despite the continued fever (now 24 hours). Last night we didn’t give her any Tylenol, and that’s when the trouble began:

  • Extreme irritability: she was constantly upset and crying. First she really wanted to go outside, but when we brought her back in, she was screaming and crying her head off, and yet didn’t want to go back outside again. Nothing would calm her down.
  • Constantly touching inside her mouth, especially the back of the mouth.
  • Constantly wanting to nurse.
  • Fever remained around 100° .

The irritability alone was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. She was practically hysterical for a half-hour, hitting herself, hitting mommy, and just screaming. Nothing would calm her down, but when we realized she was also touching insider her mouth often, we drew a conclusion and gave her Tylenol again. In about 20 minutes she was back to normal.

So, we’re pretty sure now that that worked that she’s teething. A colleague of mine had told me before that his son had teethed badly around 18-19 months, or maybe it was 19-20 months, I forget. In any case, our little girl is almost 19 months, so she does seem suspiciously around the age when the molars come in.

In the past, her teething has usually been pretty easy. She might drool a lot and chew on things, while being a bit clingly, but I guess the molars are more painful. This makes sense since there are so many nerves near the back of the jaw, so they may be getting inflamed and swollen.

Anyways, the timing couldn’t be better since we’re still jet-lagged and adjusting to life in Dublin, Ireland. When it rains, it pours. :p


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5 thoughts on “Teething!

  1. Our youngest is teething also. He is 4 months old. Some babies start teeting really early. In some case, some babies are even born with some teeth already in. Others don’t start teething until 5 or 6 months or more.

  2. Oh, poor baby! There are lots of tricks for teething. A frozen damp washcloth works great. Baby can chew it for hours. A tastier treat is a frozen waffle.

    Hope she (and you and mom too) feel better very soon.

  3. Hi Gerald,
    Here I am, your brazilian reader!😛
    Just to say hello and wish good luck for you in Ireland. Is Baby better? I hope so.
    In gassho.

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