Learning to live without

Things have finally settled down here in Ireland quite a bit now that we’ve found good places to get groceries (Marks and Spencer is highly recommended, as is the Dublin Co-op), good places for Baby to get exercises (St. Stephen’s Green and the park next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral) and now that our stuff has started to arrive.

The first week or two was quite stressful because we felt very helpless and just finding the basics was hard to do. Couple this with a very sick Baby, too. Baby was also very confused by her surroundings, and would freak out even when we gave her a bath. In the old days, she loved taking baths, but now threw a fit nightly.

Baby was bored too because we brought over very few toys and only two DVDs on the flights to Ireland. Most of what we brought was food, diapers and such.

Interestingly though, we did start to adapt to life in Ireland as well as life without our stuff. Mom and Baby would walk to the park often, and Mom had bought Baby a new ball which she liked a lot. I learned to live without my book collection (sci-fi and Buddhist) and we adapted to not having a rice cooker, which we used to use nightly. Instead we cooked rice out of a pot* and adapted to only having a very basic set of silverware.

Ironically now that most of our essential stuff has arrived (more to come in the next few weeks), I am kind of bummed out and now have to deal with the hassle of putting it all away, and keeping track of it. The Buddha praised the life of a renunciant because a person who has let go of the worldly life has a very uncluttered life. In many parts of the world, monks still carry just a bowl, a couple robes, and that’s about it. I begin to appreciate just what this means.


* – thanks to the Dublin Co-Op for actually selling Japanese-style rice here…most places only sell Basmati or Thai Jasmine Rice which is totally different.

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