Enough already

I removed the post regarding Olympics, China and Tibet. People made their point, and someone rightly called me on my about-face on the subject from months ago. So indeed I have been a hypocrit. I am sorry.

I just got off from a flight to Boston, from Ireland, to help my wife finish up some last-minute immigration issues, so I am worn-out and tired. I don’t have much time to blog for the next few days, and right now I don’t feel like blogging much as it is.

Until next time,


P.S. On another note, Boston is a really beautiful city, like Seattle but with an East Coast feel. That, and the weather is much more pleasant than the wind and rain I just left behind.

6 thoughts on “Enough already

  1. Hi Gerald,

    You do sound a bit down and I hope things get better soon.

    Wishing you peace and happiness – and a swift return to the great blog!


  2. Thanks Gerald,

    I must be going senile! I don’t remember sending you an email recently!

    But have done so now….!

    All the best and thanks again for this amazing blog,

    Kwan Seum Bosal,


    PS – not to lecture or anything, but next time you tuck into one of those BLTs remember that pigs are smarter than 3 year olds and experience the full range of pain and emotions that humans do…….then check out (if you can stomach it) how those very same pigs are treated to provide the flesh for your sandwich: http://www.goveg.com/factoryFarming_pigs.asp

    “As piglets, they are taken away from their mothers when they are less than 1 month old; their tails are cut off, some of their teeth are cut off, and the males have their testicles ripped out of their scrotums (castration), all without any pain relief. They spend their entire lives in overcrowded pens on a tiny slab of filthy concrete.”

  3. Hi Gerald,

    I’m sorry that you got so much flak for your post. I think it would have been okay to leave it up. I don’t think you’re a hypocrite; we are human beings, not permanent and unchanging objects, so it’s not only natural, it’s inevitable that our attitudes and reactions will change depending on the time and place. I’m thankful for your support for my Georgia post, but I would be foolish to assume that you would agree with any and everything that I write.

    I’d only accuse you (as politely as possible) of being a hypocrite if you preached one way, acted another way, and then continued to maintain that you weren’t being hypocritical. I don’t think you did that. Keep up the great blogging! You’re blogging even faster than I can write comments!


  4. Thanks Arun, advice is much appreciated. I still felt like taking it off as I don’t want someone to stumble on it 6 months later and think I was a huge jerk (especially if they didn’t see the subsequent apology), so it’s for the better.

    Admittedly I haven’t felt much like blogging lately, mainly due to this, and just interest in outside projects. I do want to keep blogging, but I feel like staying away from Buddhist topics for a while. I don’t need more scrutiny in my life. I’d rather use the blog to keep family up to date, or post some (neutral) helpful reference material, or Buddhist lifestyle stuff. I think it’s best to avoid Buddhist topics for a while.

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