Keeping the blog neutral, politically

As the 2008 election in the US nears the conclusion, I was tempted a couple times to write about this candidate or that, but lately, I’ve reading stories about the escalating tensions between both sides, and even violence at political rallies and it reminded me that politics can get heated and nasty.

This reminds me just how important it is to keep religion and politics as far away from each other as possible. Life is just easier and more peaceful this way, and much easier to get along with people.*

So, I will buck the trend of other Buddhist blogs and support no candidate during the 2008 election. Since moving to Ireland, I can’t vote for either one anyways, unless I register to vote again, and the process outside the US is complicated and time-consuming. If I had to pick on a personal level though, I’d vote for that one person. The person whose always standing and walking, and has ideas on the issues. No, it’s not Rory Calhoun.**


* – I remember in my youth getting into long, ugly political debates with people at work, especially people from certain countries with controversial policies, and it never yielded in any positive results. Instead it just made things awkward in the future. Especially in recent months, I’ve learned it’s just easier to avoid it altogether.

** – But if you understood this Simpsons inside-joke, you are very cool. (Dan, you should know this one…) :)

2 thoughts on “Keeping the blog neutral, politically

  1. Thanks for the post. I was actually thinking about you the other day- if you were able to vote in the coming election and the process that you would have to go through.

  2. Yeah, I came to Ireland at a time when I should have done it early but was too busy with work and settling down. I figure by the time the overseas votes are counted, the election will be decided in favor of what’s-his-face or mumbly-joe.

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