Teaching your Mac Japanese

I got this idea from another website, which explained the many silly ways you can make your Mac talk using the say command. After a lot of trial and error one evening after work,* I came up with this tribute to a certain “Japanese” song.

say -v 'Zarvox' dohmo ari got toe, mister roh bot oh. dohmo. dohmo.

Try it out, or one of the other voices. I found the Zarvox voice to be the closest to what I remember the song to be.** Of course, I haven’t heard the song since maybe 2000, so my memory is a bit rusty. :)

Also if you try to make it ‘say’ the actual lyrics, it doesn’t sound correct, hence I had to keep trying until approximated them this closely. Like I said, pseudo-bachelor life is boring. :p

Namu Amida Butsu

* – Being a pseudo-bachelor sure is boring.

** – The ‘trinoids’ voice wasn’t too bad either.

2 thoughts on “Teaching your Mac Japanese

  1. Oh, I don’t have a Mac. But hubby, who is standing over my shoulder right now, is singing the song happily. I think he really approves of your post.😀

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