Appearances can be deceiving

After my post recently about the discriminating mind, and the emptiness of “views”, I think this video is a good example. If you haven’t watched the video before, you can see how your own mind forms impressions and ideas when you first watch this lady, and how wrong they can be.

Now apply this to all things you encounter.

The mind reflexively judges and discriminates when it encounters something (sensation, thought, etc). Sometimes, it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong. The important thing to realize is that those ideas and views have no substance. At the end of the day, they’re just views.

Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu

2 thoughts on “Appearances can be deceiving

  1. Hi Doug,

    Great post, but, really, you got me laughing out loud when you say “If you haven’t watched the video before….”!

    With 40,833,472 at present, 100,000,000 plus if you combine all the videos available, isn’t is one of the most watched videos ever?

    In fact, it’s got to such a point now, that I’d be happy never to hear it again! LOL

    But, yes, you are right. On first viewing, it is quite amazing!

    All the best,


  2. I’d heard of this, but thanks for posting on it.

    It’s quite amazing how someone can get that opportunity after living a life seemingly unrecognized.

    Our popular entertainment/media needs more revelations like this. It’s becoming so shallow…

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