Quotation from Natsume Soseki

From one of Japan’s most famous author Natsume Sōseki (夏目 漱石):

知に働ければ角が立つ (Chi ni hatarakereba kado ga tatsu)
情に棹させば流される (Jō ni saosaseba nagasareru)
意地を通せば窮屈だ (Iji wo tōseba kyūkutsu da)
兎角に人の世は住みにくい (Tonikaku ni hito no yo ha suminikui)

Translation, thankfully provided by Japanesepod101.com:

Use your intellect to guide you, and you will end up putting people off.
Rely on your emotions and you’ll forever be pushed around.
Force your will on others, and you will live in constant tension.
There’s no getting around it — people are hard to live with.

I thought this quote was true. I’ve felt myself coming to the same conclusion at the end as Natsume did. Anyways, if you only know one author of Japanese literature, you should definitely learn about Natsume Sōseki, so check out the Wikipedia article above.