Change in blog schedule, format, again

Recently, I thought I’d try a little experiment to change the blog schedule and format to something more friendly to my schedule. That worked out well, and allowed more time for other things, but introduced a few small problems I’d like to correct. I found I started to build up a backlog of posts that were ready, but too far out for current schedule.

So, I decided to try 4 times a week not 3. So, the updated schedule is now Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Also, by popular request, I’ll put some more Buddhist stuff back into the blog, though I still want to keep things balanced and not preachy, so I will continue rotating through topics where possible. :)

Also, I’ll be moving back to the US in mid-September, so I may be out of touch for a bit in the next few weeks. I’ll provide details later.


–“The Management”

P.S. Some folks on Google have noticed my little “Kannon Sutra” project lately. That text, just the verse section alone, takes a long time to type up. I still have 163 lines to go. :p