Hachiko Statue at Shibuya


On my recent trip to Japan, I spent a day with blog reader “John” and my little girl who wanted to come along. We opted to meet at the famous Hachiko statue in Shibuya, but I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t know where it was despite frequent trips to Shibuya. Turns out it is really easy to find. In the Shibuya Station there are signs point to Hachikōmae (ハチ公前) or “Before Hachiko” referring to the exit in front of the Hachiko Statue. Once you get outside, you will see the famous Shibuya Square shown in various movies:

Shibuya Square

But you’re not going there. Instead, look for the subway station just to your left. Behind that is a small area of shrubbery where you can see the Hachiko statue. The story of Hachiko faithfully waiting for his owner for 9 years is pretty inspiring and touching, and evidence of course that animals have feelings too.

Namu Amida Butsu

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2 thoughts on “Hachiko Statue at Shibuya

  1. I used to think the Hachiko story was too maudlin, but now I also find it really touching (a function of aging?). I think we should also note that the same square guarded by Hachiko also features an old rail car of the Setagaya line. When it is open, anyone can sit in it–I sat there waiting for Doug (it was a pretty chilly day). However, for fans of such things, there is another Setagaya line car on display near Miya no Saka station. That one has been altered much less than the one in Shibuya. It still has the wooden floor boards. Sorry, rail cars are a bit off topic, but there is a notable temple, Gotokuji, near Miya no Saka station.

  2. Ha ha ha, we were waiting at the big Starbucks across the big intersection. The little one was a bit hungry and thirsty. No matter what country I go to, i somehow always end up at Starbucks. Must be a Seattle thing.😉

    As for Hachiko, I like the story quite a bit. I had some very good dogs and cats over the years, and it affirms how special animals are in general.:-)

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