Mommy’s Bento Art 3

By popular demand, I am happy to post some more pictures of my wife’s bento art. This comes after this post proved to be surprisingly popular, and was then followed by another one recently:

Bento 4

This is a similar bento to one my wife made in the first post with Minnie Mouse, but this time the bow is made of kamaboko, not ham. Also included are edamame beans, a little baked salmon, carrots and a single shumai (shao-mai dumpling in Chinese).

The second was something new:

Bento 5

This is a rabbit (since it’s the Year of the Rabbit this year), and is made of rice and kamaboko. The Wikipedia explanation of kamaboko sounds awful, but it’s actually pretty good (goes well in soup). Anyway, my wife also put some carrots (with mayo), broccoli and some American-style chicken nuggets my daughter likes. As with the previous ones, the face is carefully made by cutting out shapes from nori seaweed. She has a special pair of tiny, but very sharp scissors for this.1

But by far my favorite bento of her’s lately is…

Totoro Bento!

Totoro! My daughter is greatly fascinated by the movie (I admit I really enjoy it too), so my wife wanted to make a special bento for her. :)

Good job, honey!

1 I mangled those scissors recently in the garbage disposal by accident. Yet another thing I have broken in the kitchen. :p

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