Expanding my horizons, blog updates

Hi all,

After my decision to go on hiatus indefinitely,1 I took some time to rest, take a break and get another perspective on life, including a very nice camping trip with friends and family. It gave me some time to expand my horizons, and think about what I wanted to do with the blog.

I ultimately decided that rather than removing the blog, I would expand it and balance it more to match my life. Among my ideas:

  • Lately I took an interest in learning Korean language, along with my continued interest in learning Japanese. So, I want to explore both languages. More on that in a later post.
  • More science/technology, especially Astronomy where appropriate.2
  • More Buddhism as usual. :)

I realized I liked the blog a lot, but I was both depressed and tired from an exhausting year. As a result, I was running out of inspiration and fresh topics, and as a result became too self-critical. The break, plus vacation helped a lot, and made me feel a lot better. So, I guess I am back, and the hiatus is officially over.

I don’t think readers will notice a significant change (though I am undecided if I want to change the blog title), but hopefully things will continue to fun and interesting to read, but with more topics to explore.

Many people provided encouragement after my decision to take a break (including people I had never met before), and I really appreciated it. Thanks everyone. It really did make a difference.

P.S. I think I will try to take breaks and small vacations more often. Everyone needs a break now and then.:-)

1 Long-time readers probably will remember that my “hiatuses” are always short-lived. ;p

2 Subject I’ve delved into a few times on the blog, but now maybe more so.

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