Let’s Just Be Friends

Posting about another brilliant comic by Sinfest. I really liked this one because it has an important message. We all need companionship, but the foundation of that companionship is important.

If the foundation of that relationship is something selfish (sex, power), then the relationship is unhealthy. If we only focus on what people can do for us, then we’re treating that person like an object, and don’t care about their feelings. They may resent this, and in the end, we feel unhappy and unsatisfied anyway.

If the relationship is about each others’ happiness, then it makes both people feel a lot better. People will give back that kindness, and joy, without any conditions. It seems counter-intuitive, but it really works.

I think the reason why people feel so lonely in modern life, is because they feel cut-off from other people. And the reason why they feel cut-off from other people, is that they focus too much material happiness, and not enough on the welfare of other people. In other words, they focus too much on themselves, and not enough on others. The more you try to satisfy yourself, the more miserable you become.

We need one another, but if we’re not treating others with goodwill and respect, then we will never experience any genuine love or friendship from others.

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