Japan Souvenir Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!

Now that I am back in the US I had a couple items I wanted to give away to readers:

Good Luck Pencils

These are Japanese omamori charms in the form of 5-sided pencils. The joke here is 5-corners is gokaku (五角) in Japanese, while the word gōkaku (合格) means to pass an exam. So they’re kind of good-luck pencils for passing an exam or studying.

I got these at Narita airport and they were blessed by the nearby Narita-san Temple, which is pretty famous in Japan, despite its remote location. Both charms are identical.

Anyhow, I know a lot of people out there are diligently studying things like Japanese language, the JLPT, Korean language, Buddhism, whatever. So if you would like one of these charms leave a post and tell what you hope to achieve.

I’ll pick two winners who leave the best answers and will notify them outside the blog, as well as ask for a mailing address. International readers are fine.:-) Due date is 9am Friday 21st, Pacific time.

Good luck!

P.S. I got a set of pencils too, but at Tokyo Betsuin when I did the Ajikan meditation.

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8 thoughts on “Japan Souvenir Giveaway!

  1. Good afternoon. I am in the midst of a study of Pure Land Buddism in order to establish an informal Sangha here in Anchorage AK. I think that having the pencils would be….well, very cool.

    Namu Amida Butsu

    Carole Myoshin Panduren

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  2. Wah, I\’ve only seen charms in manga and anime, haven\’t got my hands on one xD

    Since I started self-studying Korean, I realized that I\’d love to give bigger portion of my life to languages. So with the precious little spare time that I have, I have been trying several attempts, some didn\’t work (I didn\’t get the scholarship for a translation studies program in Korea), some works (I\’m on my first fiction translation project (English to Indonesian) for one of the publisher in Indonesia, while keeping my full time job). I hope that I can enjoy the journey to wherever all these lead me to and I can stay motivated to learn Korean.

    Thank you and have a nice day~!

  3. I hope to (and WILL!!) achieve the almighty Fluency!
    And it’s kinda ironic that I do this by copying kanji and watching Dragon Ball…lots of “good” words to be learned from there…:))

  4. I’m not seriously learning Korean at the moment. soo what I really want to achieve are good grades for my graduate certificate this semester so I can do my postgrad studies next year. And keep on carrying on ’til masters until I’m a full fledged psychologist. Yay!😀

  5. I went to University of Maryland, and worked my tail off for my Bachelor’s in Japanese. I even lived in Japan for a year for study abroad. (which I loved!) Then I graduated…and got a job at the board of elections, doing nothing with my degree. I have since been thinking about going back to school and furthering my education….definitely studying more Japanese, possibly starting Korean, but I was definitely thinking of applying to enter a Linguistics Phd program. The whole thing intimidates me, mainly because of money, and because I haven’t been a student for over 2 years now. But I am hoping if I do this, I can finally get a career I really want. That’s my goal.

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