Happy Chuseok Thanksgiving, Korea!

Korean ancestor veneration-Jesa-01

Today, along with New Year, is an important holiday in Korea called chuseok (추석). I wrote about this holiday extensively last year, but I wanted to wish Koreans everywhere a happy Thanksgiving this year too. :)

I found this site which has some very nice pictures about Chuseok, and even though I can’t really read it, I hope you might enjoy.

Also, many KPop groups have special Chuseok messages for fans and such. I found this one recently by the boy-group TVXQ (they’ll be featured on a KPop Saturday coming soon):

So, happy Chuseok everyone! Me? I’ll be home on-call for work, but probably eat some extra Kimchi, Korean ramyeon and some instant coffee to celebrate. 😉

P.S. The Korean tourism industry has a nice list of Korean holidays for reference, including Buddhist ones, for 2012.

P.P.S. The good folks at TTMIK have a nice write-up on Chuseok too.

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